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Our Culture

The Livegage team is passionate about collaboratively solving complex problems while redefining home ownership and the residential mortgage industry. If breaking barriers, revolutionizing an industry, and working with cutting-edge technology sounds like the job for you, send your resume or drop a line to us at

Benefits and Perks

Livegage is committed to investing in our team, personally and professionally. We value partnership, creativity, curiosity, and growth... and we reward our solid engineering and technology teams with perks and benefits that support our employee friendly culture.

Medical Insurance

At Livegage, we believe that taking care of yourself is key to your success and our success as a company. We care about you and your family staying well and enjoying a healthy, balanced life. We offer paid medical benefits to help keep you and yours healthy and happy.

Accidental Death Insurance

COVID-19 has taught us all how unpredictable life can be. Every Livegage Team Member is covered by Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, to cover and protect you and your loved ones through life's various stages and unexpected situations.

Paid Time Off

Unplugging is important. We all need time away from the office to recharge, travel, or spend some quality time with family and friends. We encourage our team members to take time for themselves to relax, replenish, and stay at the top of their game.

Learning Opportunities

We strongly believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit, and we want you to grow and be super successful with us! We provide opportunities for learning through course subscriptions, mentoring, conference attendance and other avenues for personal growth to our team members.


We're hard-working visionaries, but we love to have fun! We believe that spending time together is a great way to keep our team close, strong, and inspired. Livegage builds our positive team culture through frequent group outings and in-office social opportunities with plenty of great snacks!

Flexible/Remote Work

Flexible working arrangements help you balance work and life. If you need to, or work best from, home or another location we can support you anywhere. No matter where you work, you are part of a connected, collaborative team environment...we promise!

Livegage Alumni Network

If we work together once, we are friends forever. We believe that our paths will cross again. The Livegage Alumni Network is a community built to help and support the professional growth of all team members, forever, no matter where they may be working, even if it's not with us!

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